Boat Purchasing Process

If you are already thinking to purchase a boat you can see a basic process hereinafter to help for your decision.

What type of Boat suits your personality?

Please inform us about your wishes with the boat before you start looking. For example you like to do Cruising, racing or use for commercial or private. This information is important to us to find best possible type of boat suits your personality?

How much is your Budget?

Plan your budget correctly and don't forget some additional costs such as mooring and marina fees, fuel etc...

Searching for the right one

Take your time. Collect information before viewing - Talk to several brokers, private sellers, people at sailing clubs, friends who sail, etc about the types of boats you are considering.

Arrange Visiting and Viewing

Contact your boat dealer, broker or private seller to arrange a viewing. Take someone along who knows a little a bit about boating or take along our list.

The Contract

If purchasing through a broker, they will provide a contract (Sale & Purchase Agreement), which must be signed by both parties - this is a legally binding document.

The Deposit

You will need to leave a deposit (usually 10%).

Sea experience and survey

Sea experience before the contract can be performed widely in Europe, after the payment of the contract and a deposit can also be done from time to time. Having surveyed the experience and you do not like the sea in a situation where the contract have the right to terminate the deposit or re- invested back would be entitled to negotiate


Allow enough time to set up the electronic transfer to the Broker's Client Account. Once the funds have cleared, completion can take place. The broker will give you the documentation, including the Bill of Sale transferring title from the vendor to you, and the keys to the boat.


It is important and highly recommended that you take out appropriate insurance cover.

After-sales support

  • Yacht registration and entry and exit formalities
  • Insurance
  • Daily operations management
  • Crew selection
  • Charter marketing
  • Marina Reservations
  • Wintering, maintenance, repair and shipyard services
  • Catering supplies


Yachts for Sale

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